Street Style Selection [Kontrolled Substance Interview]

We caught wind of an up and coming clothing brand based out of the Midwest, and over here at MTP we will be trying to profile at least one up and coming street wear brand per month. This month its Controlled Substance!

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Twitter: @KSubstance

Instagram: @kontrolledsubstance

MTP: First off, let the people know who you are.

KS: Kontrolled Substance is a new wave in the streetwear industry. We are not just a brand, it goes beyond that. Kontrolled Substance is a lifestyle; it’s that need that one lives for.

MTP: Location?

KS: Kontrolled Substance is based out of Kansas City, MO.

MTP: Homegrown in the Midwest. How did all this begin?

KS: Established in 2013 by Corvorggio “Gooch” Powell & Matt “Mayo” Cobb. Decided to create a streetwear brand in an unconventional place where streetwear was not acknowledged or accepted. From the moment production was seen by the public eye, the brand took off.

MTP: Definitely don’t here of KC being a streetwear hub by any means. What separates you from other brands with similar styles?

KS: We stand true to our name “Kontrolled Substance” by the randomness of our styles. Nothing is necessarily conventional. We are who we are, we don’t have a specific “lane”.

MTP: Conventionality has to be thrown out of the window at times in order to create something successful. What is your plan to come up and take over?

KS:  plan to come up and take over is creating a fan base of all like-minded individuals that are looking to accomplish “self-worth”.

MTP: If you aren’t confident, then why pursue what you want to pursue. What inspires you/your designs?

KS: Everyday lifestyle, music, movies, hardships, art, general atmosphere is what inspires us. Making streetwear is like making an album, because it enables you to tell a story and is full of expression.

MTP: Why did you choose the name “Kontrolled Substance”?

KS: Growing up being involved in an environment full of drugs, watching people use drugs and the extremes to obtain those drugs generated the idea of “Kontrolled Substance”.

MTP: Any dope projects/collabs on the way?

KS: We have a few lined up, however at this time we are unable to talk about them.

MTP: Okay okay, we can deal with that! What direction do you see streetwear fashion going in?

KS: It’s becoming more accepted in the high fashion world. Streetwear is also showing no signs of disappearing. It’s constantly evolving into something more; it’s not just about t-shirts and hats, it goes beyond that. It’s a moving art!