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Khaizer Noel-Rise & Grind

Khaizer Noel brings us his new joint “Rise & Grind” produced by Musikdae. Check it out!


Dreko Fli-So Close So Far

Dreko Fli drops off his new joint “So Close So Far” off his “Truth and Everything” project. Check it out!  



Fre$hJay brings us his new self-produced record “Win”. Check it out!


J-Hustle- “The Essence” [Video]

J-Hustle dropped off this video from his crew in which they pay homage to dope music.  The video is part of an…

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Celis- “Test Me” [Single]

Celis aka Marcel Addison hits us with the second single from his new EP Delayed Gratification. Featuring a hard hitting East Coast sound, Celis…

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Souche Young- “Me” Feat. Big Kash [Single]

Souche Young takes some time to introduce you to himself as he provides a plethora of information through dope rhymes. The heavy-toned…

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Christian- “Come Alive” [Instrumental]

We’ll keep it simple as we introduce producer Christian to MusicTalentPool, since his name implies that he isn’t flashy nor overzealous ….

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Kain- “Black Panther Party” [Single]

A lot of controversy and issues are facing the United States today, and with all of this controversy, we have a lot…

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SkyLaw- “Into The Light” [Video]

Upbeat with a mixture of Pop, Rock, & Rap, Skylaw invites you to take a journey into the light with their new…

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1-800-KNO-LOVE- “No Joke” [Single]

We haven’t tried to dial his name in a phone yet, but that doesn’t mean we won’t try.  We’re just kidding (kind…