Shattastar: Beats by Shatta Vol. 2 (Beat-tape)

Believe it or not, this will be our first posting of a beat-tape, so big shout out to Shattastar for that one. 50 new original heaters. His own signature, gritty sound. There is bound to be something for everybody.  I could give you a play-by-play for the entire tape, but then what would be left for you to discover? A few selections from the project that we really enjoyed are:

-Mysterious, which has that west coast riding sound; think Jay Rock of TDE.

-Distorted Funk, coming with the experimental sound with a little bit of rhythm

-Dark Horse, probably my personal favorite from the project. Has that experimental sound with some minimalism and unexpected change ups that will have any artist looking to expand their sound very excited.  Enough with the talk, check it out for yourself!

Twitter: @Shattastar