Multi- “Its A Trap” (Single)

As you know, MTP does not discriminate when it comes to how big an artist is, what sound the artist has , or what the artist is trying to do in terms of a music career.  If you have some music, we want to support it.  You make the sounds, we do all the dirty work, and if some people don’t like it, hey, nobody said you had to.  As it stands, we are not familiar with the work of Colton Bierbaum aka Multi, but we have made ourselves familiar today as he changed up a slow afternoon for us.  Pretty good build up on this electro-trap production and a good use of filters and effects as well.  It follows a structure but it actually kept us guessing on where he would take it next and what sounds he would be using.  Pleasant change of pace as we have seen a lot of rap & hip-hop these past few days.  Hope all is well in Colorado, Colton (really though, how could it not be…).

Twitter: @clbierbaum15