Quavo Talks Working With Kanye West, Travis Scott Doing The Superbowl & More


Quavo sat down with Billboard to discuss a range of topics, and of course, the Superbowl Halftime Show came up. For anyone who is out of the loop, the culture has been boycotting the show. Several people have spoken out about Travis Scottaccepting the opportunity to perform during the NFL’s biggest day. He will join Maroon 5 and Big Boi. That latter represents the city of Atlanta as a vet and legend, which people seem to be less angered about. Quavo isn’t fazed though, and told Billboard that he’s proud of his homie Trav. “Of course I’m proud to see my partner Travis, this is a big stage for him,” he stated. “It’s just too much going on. We talked about [it] and had a great conversation. I’m proud of Big Boi because he represents the city of Atlanta. It’s not as tough as the world want to make it. As long as we got understanding as grown men and what our understanding is for the future.”

Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Coachella

Quavo also briefly touched on working with Kanye West on Yandhi in Miami recently. “It was some good vibes. All positive. The shit was hard. The shit he got is going crazy.” Soulja Boy‘s Breakfast Club rant also made its way to the ears of Quavo, who responded to Big Draco’s claim that he gave Migos the “Versace” beat. “Nah, he recorded on the ‘Versace’ beat,” Quavo explained. “Zaytoven normally does this all the time where he sends the same beat out. Growing up, I think I heard the song, it was like an ‘OMG’ song. Then we ended up doing a harder record with some harder lyrics. Soulja most definitely influenced a lot of everybody’s work. He’s speaking facts. He hasn’t said anything wrong.”