@JakeV24 – “Retail Life”

“Retail Life” is the second single off of QuestionQ‘s upcoming debut album. The single was released March 23rd on all streaming platforms. It’s a track about working in the retail industry and tells it from two points of view with a very catchy hook. The hook “Let me talk to the manager” is from the customers standpoint which leads right into the first verse. The filtered voice creates the customer character who is very whiney and complains about the whole nine. “Oh you close at 9:45, I’ll come at 9:44″. The second verse is the comeback to the customer. This is from QuestionQ personally answering all the complaints the customer had in the first verse of the song. The songs purpose is to shed light on the actions of customers from a workers standpoint in the retail industry. Doing so, in a fun, catchy, and funny way.