Introducing North Carolina Musical Genius “Cody Daniel” Exclusive Interview

cody daniel the calm (1)

What is your name and what city do you rep?

Cody Daniel and I’m from Raleigh, North Carolina.

What is unique about you and your music?

I like to think of my music as a smooth, soulful pop energy that can make you dance or fall in love. I’ve been surrounded around every single kind of genre music my entire life, being that my father has always been a part-time DJ. I’ve also collaborated with several different artists and producers, that through time and experience have helped me create and find my own sound.

What shaped your music?

All the collaborations, bands I’ve been in, and my own personal musical journey through different genres that surround pop music.

What type of music do you listen to?

A lot of Pop and Top 40. But, I also thoroughly enjoy R&B and Neo-Soul.

Who, to you, is the most undervalued music artist?

He is on the come up, but I feel like Alain hasn’t got the full recognition he deserves yet. He writes, produces, and performs all of his own music and I feel like that’s something that people don’t appreciate as much or don’t take the time to realize how much time and effort goes into that.

How do you prepare for your performances?

Besides the constant rehearsals, I take the week of to solely just listen to my own music, to make sure I’m encompassing the body of work completely the best way I can.

What ignites your (song) writing flow?

Inspiring people and lighting a fire in them that they might not of realized was there.

What do you do when you don’t do music (creative or otherwise) and that you are
passionate about?

Besides spending quality time with my fiance, family and friends, I enjoy playing disc golf and grilling out.

Success to you is….

Waking up and getting paid to do the thing that you’re most passionate about.

Any upcoming projects?

Music video for my most recent single, “Breaking Away”, in the works!

Where do we find your music / music project?

ALL digital platforms:
Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google play, Tidal, etc…

How do we connect with you on social media?

Follow, comment on one of my post, or DM me! I’m very persistent with getting back to everyone.