Exclusive Artist To Watch Interview Featuring Rising Star Tiana Kocher


+Music sat down with rising star Tiana Kocher, who recently opened up for A$AP Rocky in Manila, to chat her love for music, living between Los Angeles and Manila, and her upcoming EP full of cool sounds and featured artists!

Tell us a bit about life growing up in Manila and the transition to Los Angeles.

Growing up in Manila was great, I had a very supportive family who really encouraged me to pursue what I wanted to do. Growing up in the Philippines, it being a third world country, really taught how to appreciate the little things in life. I always wanted to share whatever I had with others and it was great being surrounded by such hard-working people. The transition to Los Angeles was very since I would visit southern California every year because my dad’s family is in San Diego. 

How do the two cities compare/differ for you?

They are very similar yet different in many aspects. Both are surrounded by water so I could always visit the beach in LA if I felt a little homesick, because we all know that the best beaches in the world are in the Philippines. But of course, being in LA I am definitely more independent since I live alone. I am definitely more focused and driven being in a more creative environment in LA. Both cities are very diverse, both food capitals. Manila is definitely more a relaxed environment compared to the hustle and bustle of LA. 

What got you into music? Tell us about that journey.

I was always singing growing up, my mom always put me in musical theatre camps, ballet classes, jazz classes, the sort… but when I reached my early teens – teen years I became an athlete, I played softball, soccer and volleyball. Unfortunately, I tore my calf muscle which then led me to singing again since I had a lot of free time. After high school I studied musical theatre at the Cambridge School of Visual and Performing arts, graduated in 2018 with Honors and moved to LA shortly after! 

For our readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 5 words.

Vibrant, eclectic, raw, fresh, icy! 

What can fans expect from your EP?

Fans can expect me, my story, my sound. Something you’ve never heard before. 

When you aren’t recording your own songs, what kind of artists/songs do you like to hum along to?

I listen to a lot of 90’s & early 2000’s R&B so that would be; Aaliyah, Tamia, Monica, Brandy, SWV, TLC, Keyshia Cole etc.… But current artists that I adore are Kiana Lede,  Summer Walker, Pink Sweats, Armon & Trey, Arin Ray, Jorja Smith, Danileigh to name a few!

If you weren’t a recording artist, what would you be? Do you have any hidden passions?

I love love love fashion! So, I’d definitely be a stylist or fashion consultant. I actually style all my videos and everyone in it so if there’s a feature, I style them, the dancers, etc... I make the mood board and just go from there!

How can people find you and your music?

You can find me on Instagram and Twitter @tianakocher 

Tiana Kocher on Spotify and check my website www.tianakocher.com for more updates!

Thanks y’all