Artist To Watch: David Veslocki “J.S. Bach- Prelude in E Major (BWV 1006)”


American Guitarist, Record Producer and educator David Veslocki leads a fulfilling and diverse musically life that has taken him around the world and earned him many awards, television, commercial and movie placements.  Throughout every stage of his life the music of JS Bach deeply consoled, encouraged, informed and elevated him to where he is today.

“This is my all-time favorite J.S. Bach piece! There is simply nothing like it and I have learned so much from this great masterpiece about energy, working through transitions, climbing mountains and really taking in the moment. I offer this as a peaceful meditation to all who listen”, he says.

 David plays with a solid, clean technique that is refreshing, passionate and musical.  Davids playing is transparent and allows JS Bach to flow through it as clearly as the cinematography of this video.

Take a listen to his first release titled “J.S. Bach- Prelude in E Major (BWV 1006)” from his forthcoming album “Bach Volume One” which will be available worldwide on April 10. 

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