Artist To Watch: “Raya”

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Raya is a dance and pop artist. Raya grew up in a multicultural family of both Canadian and Russian heritage. Born in Germany, Raya has moved to a variety of places around the world. Raya said that never staying in the same place for long has given her the ability to easily adapt to different cultures and people. By seeing and experiencing people’s lives all over the world, it made her realize one of the most important things in life, which is to have compassion in your heart. she is diverse, with a beautiful voice. Raya loves music. She strongly holds a deep passion for delivering nothing but the best quality music. she has a strong label behind her. She is mentored by Aziz Choukri. He brings the best quality out of his artists and ensures they live out their dreams .

Raya started listening to and playing classical music at the age of 3. A teacher noticed her gift and told her parents to cultivate this talent. So, they enrolled her in a classical music school in Russia. There, she studied 6 to 7 hours a day.  She explained, “Music never let me down and I devoted my life to it in gratitude. I honestly believe that classical music is a journey”

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