Artist To Watch: “Messy Monk” Interview + Music


Music Interview with Messy Monk

How has your writing style evolved over the years? Do you have any formal music education?

“My style has evolved with time from studying the music from the 90’s until now even the music my kids listen to.  I’ll always embrass the hip hop culture because thats what i come from and stay current with whats going on.  I was told that i have a old soul so in my music you can hear the past,present and future so stay tuned. No Formal Education…lol…. just hands on”

If you could perform anywhere in the world, with whoever you want, where would it be and why?

“It would have to be overseas i’ve been to spain many moons ago…lol… so to experience it now with a fan base would be all love for me… I’m with the underground and up incoming artist to perform with because its the all or nothing mindframe for us.  Now as far top dogs i have to salute my homie K. Sose for the ‘Cali Luv” single with Nipsey Hussle produced by Bravestarr for opening the door thats motivation everyday… Salute from Me 2 you”

Whats the difference in between performing on stage and performing in the studio?

“Lol… Its a major difference between stage & studio performing I’d perfer having  a Live Band with the performance its just a different feeling with that experoence, but the studio ones are good for promotional and social  marketing “

Writing process; Do you usually have co-writers or do you write better by yourself?

“The writing process depends on all collabrations because we need to meet/speak then we can move foward so that we have a understanding on the project, but as far as writing  thats all me just bring my studio survival kit (Beatz,Backwoods & Meds) LOL…then off to moon where the stars hang at….next Question”

Tell us about your upcoming releases and what should listeners expect when they first hear your music.

“Upcoming releases from Messy Entertainment, LLC consist of tracks prod. by Brndon Lee from Philly “Nothings Promised” ft. YM and The Trill ft. Que, K (GBS) will be available online stay tuned and trust ya process in the words of young jeezy!  I want the listeners to expect overall good music for any occassion ya feel me…lol…. next question”

If you had a chance to perform in front of 10,000 people, which song would you perform and why?

“IT would be between Money On My Mind or Dreamin Prod. by Don Cannon leaning towards Dreamin (Accapella) So you can feel every word  i deliver because it actually happened like Deja Vu shxt …lol…. All Facts”