Artist To Watch Exclusive Interview With LA Rapper @motiivational


We caught up with motiivational to ask him questions about his dope music and creative thought process.  Follow him on Twitter @motiivational_

How much poetry do you put into your songs?

It depends on how I’m feeling and what I’m actually talking about but must songs I do does have a poem in it.

How did poetry come into correlation with your music?

Well, I’ve been doing poetry for 6 years and I love music just as much as poetry so I thought to myself I can do poetry with music and give off different vibes! Then sure enough I just started recording and my friends liked the vision.

What inspires you to do the type of music you do?

Honestly the best thing you can do for yourself is be you and I love me just as much as my body can produce every piece of me so I stay in my own lane!

What should we anticipate for your new upcoming single “YOU” releasing on April 26th?

Expect to see a story a point of view where most woman have difficulties saying I love me more and letting dead situations stay dead. A stage where a woman falls for the same thing every time and expect different results.

For our readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 5 words:

Positive, enchanting, deep, sad, and contradicting

You write all of your own music; where do you draw inspiration from when you write songs and what’s your favorite part about the process?

Well I tend to start off what a poem I can write about anything, but it’s no telling how many different feels a person goes through a day. So, I have different feels that I feel and write about as soon as I feel it then after the poem comes the music chores and what ever else. It’s pretty impromptu

If you could become one fruit, which would you be and why?

If I could become one fruit I’d become an orange because for one that’s my favorite color, and it’s so vibrant on the outside and sweet and tart in the inside just like every person in their own way

Where did your craft come from?

My style comes from my love for poetry and wanting to be able to hit a different nerve in the deepest way I can produce with words

How much time do you spend alone?

Most of the day really I mean I am social but I’m the morning and at night I’m in a state of mind where I’m mapping and piecing things together where my mind chases my heart and my heart chases my mind then boom multiple poems shine.

If you could give anybody advice about making music, what would you tell them?

Just be what you like it’s okay if people think you’re weird.