An Insider’s Guide to Getting Posted on Blogs & Things



*Frustrated lady rapper obviously trying to get on a blog, definitely not doing accounting.

We like to keep the site strictly music and strictly reviews on that music, but with the number of artists that have been hitting us up, I’ve decided to make a post and provide some tips on etiquette and what may be holding you back from achieving that little write up that you have been pursuing.  I’ve made an easy-to-follow five step process, and while there is no exact science, it will help to get your foot in the door.

1. Build a relationship.  How many times have you tried your auto dm trick or twitter mention only to find that it goes completely ignored?  We don’t want to be pestered on our social media any more than you (the artist) do.  Follow a blogger on twitter, engage in their conversation and be friendly.  Sometimes it helps to be straightforward, but other times it is better to establish a relationship and casually ask to send a track their way when the time is right

2. Search deeper.  Info@, submit@, music@.  These types of e-mail addresses receive thousands of e-mail submissions, making your chances of being heard or seen far less likely.  Look at the blog and see who is writing, try to find them on twitter or another social media platform.  Engage them, be friendly. Don’t sell your product, make them interested in it first.  Make sure that the writer is open to receiving submissions, but building a personal connection will go a long way in determining if you make the cut or not.  It will increase your chances much more than settling and hoping that whoever scourges through the info@ e-mail address is feeling nice enough to click on your e-mail, Average Joe Artist.

3. The three A’s: Aesthetics, Approach, Anti-Entitlement.  The third word may or may not be real, but its relevant, so walk with me on this one. Your twitter, your e-mail, your artist page, your SoundCloud.  These things supply bloggers and the public with the image that you want to convey, make sure its proper. Nobody wants to see your fuzzy amateur profile picture. Take a second to clean these up.  Your e-mail is your approach/pitch when you have been given the green light to send your music.  Make it professional, but make it personable.  Short and sweet while providing all the necessary information is the key.  Nobody wants to search for missing artwork or track links (links are preferable btw). Anti-Entitlement is the most important.  The blog does not need your material to survive, I promise you that.  Nothing in this world is given, and sometimes even when you follow all the steps you might not succeed.  Move on and push forward!

4. Find the right fit. Try this on for size: You’re a blogger for an EDM site, I’m a rap artist.  Why did I just send you my music? Go ahead, I’ll wait for an answer.  Simply put, there is no reason.  If you collaborated with an em DJ or producer, that’s a different story.  Your trap song about drugs, bandanas, and shooters doesn’t fit what the site is going for. Make sure to keep this in mind. Some blogs our universal, such as ours. We accept and post all genres, because we want to be an outlet for all types of music. If you are aiming for XXL and your music is not XXL ready, do not send it to XXL.  Find a smaller blog that thrives on indie artists trying to come up, they will a more reasonable outlet for you. Smaller sites can help you gain traction. Be strategic.

5. Do not send multiple e-mails. “A word from the wise is sufficient.”  This quote means that if you are told something once, it is good enough. The same goes for e-mails: if you send it once, it has been received.  If you have not received a reply or communication from a blogger/site, you can send a follow up e-mail, which is not the same as your submission e-mail.  If it doesn’t make the cut, find another site and keep pushing.  Rome wasn’t built over night.

I hope you enjoyed this read as much as I enjoyed writing it. At the end of the day, I’m here to ball out… and help artists expand their presence. Take this advice with a grain of molly (play on the phrase take this with a grain of salt, I do not condone drug usage), or take the whole capsule. Either way, you’ll feel the effects and find a more enjoyable experience.