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@jaymrockman – For You

Hot new Cali artist Jaymrock with his hit new song ‘For You’

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Konglo – Save Dat Money

EDM artist Konglo with a hot new hit with ‘Save Dat Money’

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Rollin O Ft. EyesLow Jones – Never Gonna Quit

Artist out of San Antonio, Texas with a new banger ‘Never Gonna Quit’

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Fly Migo Bankroll – Trap A Lot

Young artist Fly Migo Bankroll with a banger ‘Trap A Lot’

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Dope Donny – Only The Real

New artist Dope Donny coming in with a hit with his new song ‘Only The Real’ @DopeLogicDonny

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Stankowski – Rollin’ Up

New artist Stankowski from Calgary, Canada with his hit “Rollin’ Up” Social Media Links: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Youtube:…

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Silent Killa – Low Vibration

Hot new producer Silent Killa with his futuristic beat ‘Low Vibration’

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B. White – ‘1990’

B. White bringing the 90’s back with his banging hip hop hit ‘1990′

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@ManiSing – ‘Young Aladdin’

Artist Mani Sing from Maryland with his new hit ‘Young Aladdin’

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@7even___ – ‘Insubordination’

7even coming in hot with his new mixtape ‘Insubordination’