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Producer to Watch: @mastermindproducer Hot or Not? Click Play & Comment Below! #RecordlabelSubmissions


Don Derrion

Producer To Watch: @donderrion Hot or Not? Click Play & Comment Below! #RecordLabelSubmissions



Producer To Watch: @Soundsbycoop Hot or Not? Click Play & Comment Below! #RecordLabelSubmissions

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Rich I.E.- “HeatWave 2″ [Project]

Tonight we see the return of MTP’er Rich I.E. and we are thoroughly impressed by the versatile Artist/producer.  Make sure to peep…

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BC#9- “Run To The Back Door” [Single]

Pretty dope instrumental track from DJ BC#9 that keeps it simple but switches it up just enough to keep it appealing without…

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Spo$e & Cam B.- “Weight Up” [Single]

“Weight Up” is the brand new single by Spo$e and Cam B. featuring the production of one of MTP’s favorites, Bobby Neutron….

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BeatKnoxxx- “3 A. M.” [Project]

Today we have some of the dopest sounds we have had the pleasure of featuring on MusicTalentPool in our very young, but…

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Christian- “Come Alive” [Instrumental]

We’ll keep it simple as we introduce producer Christian to MusicTalentPool, since his name implies that he isn’t flashy nor overzealous ….

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Rich I.E.- “The Big Payback” [Single]

One of our favorite producers/artists is back at it again with his new single “The Big Payback” produced by MadLib.  Rich flows…